Mosi Dorbayani, the critically acclaimed Canadian songwriter is not a stranger to followers of MTV and MTV News. Back in 2013, MTV Artists page published many of his works, and introduced several of his collaborating artists like Kate Todd, Carolina Ghigliazza, and Nasambu to the world.

After a decade of writing, his artistic and cultural career is still dynamic and impressive as ever. As an award-wining songwriter, author and scholar, his body of work is truly exemplary. With 15 published books, 230 articles, over 80 original songs and 60 instrumental scores, Mosi is an extraordinary cultural influencer.

His role in expansion of collaborative enterprises for social impact, arts for cultural diplomacy, and music for raising bars for social understanding is already recognized and noted by many major journals across the globe, as well as several awarding bodies, UN affiliated organizations, and academic institutions.

In filed of song writing, Mosi is especially known for his socially conscious songs, widely known as Message Songs – a category that he coined first in his book: ‘Message Song: Delivering Important and Powerful Messages Through Lyrics and Music’, published in 2018.

Perhaps, one of the best things about Mosi’s work is the pleasant atmosphere he creates in the song. Even when it sounds like a protest song, still listeners feel it civil, courteous, and calm. It sounds like having an intimate conversation on a given social issue. In his songs he often encourages listeners to respect humanity, social values, and to show tolerance and kindness.

Speaking of kindness, we are happy to share this Breaking News that Mosi’s first ever Christmas song is in post production. MTV News is informed that it is a Broadway Musical Carol, a socially conscious song inspired by Christmas Carol (1843), by Charles Dickens.




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