Beier Beats: The Musician Changing The Concept of EDM/ Electronic Sub-genres

Every music lover, especially those interested in the electronica and EDM genres, knows Beier Beats: the rising musical producer who surely knows his craft! His hot and pumping music can change the entire tone of a party. Critics and audience alike praise him for his excellent use of buildups, handclaps, and drops to create a well-versed rhythm for every song.

Starting as Andre Beier from Hamburg, Germany, Beier Beats has taken the music world by storm with his hip-hop and energetic music productions. His recent release, Hola, is making the rounds amongst electro-music fans due to its catchy and revitalizing beats. Additionally, his music studio takes inspiration from the works of KARRA and Kashmir to create unique songs that people connect with and feel comfortable listening to. His songs “Hold You,” “Bring It On,” “Mamacita (Remix),” and Look Into My Eyes are some of the finest music products in the electro genre to date.

Beier also believes in collaborating with other stars to produce high-quality music. Recently, he teamed up with Elena Christiansen to create the song “Bye Bye Mon Cherie,” which became an instant hit with his fans and listeners overnight. The high-quality vocals and poppy-electro rhythm by Beier, combined with Elena’s serene lyrics and vocals, have made the song a memorable feat in the electro genre.

Fans of his work can check out his latest songs on Apple Music (, Spotify (, official YouTube channel (, Soundcloud ( and Beat port ( Beier also maintains an active social media presence, connecting with fans through his Instagram ( and Facebook ( handles. Check out his official website to know more about the rising artist.

We sincerely believe that a talented and genius musical brain like Andre Beier has much more to achieve in the music industry. Only time can tell the extent of his success.


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