George Khouri Summons All Of The Hip-hop Legends In His Ghost Music Video Hosted By Busta Rhymes

George Khouri pays homage to the GOATs of Hip-Hop in the music video for his hit single, “GHOST.” The video features a VHS aesthetic that perfectly compliments the song’s golden era theme. As Busta Rhymes introduces the song, we see George Khouri hovering a planchette over a Ouija board that is slowly spelling out the word “GHOST.” Once George’s hands arrive at the letter “T,” the “spirits” of the Hip Hop GOATs start to appear. It’s no surprise that Busta is the first legendary emcee to hit the screen! 

During the video, George Khouri mentions each of the rap legends by name. We find it fascinating how George cleverley articles every emcee’s name through a punchline. One of his lines we played back a few times is: “I’m like Redman ‘cause I rap with Method.” George’s writing in “GHOST” is equally as impressive and stimulating as the visual itself. This can’t be said about many other artists. 

The second scene in the video takes place in an eerie alley. Styled by Lil Nightlife, George is found dressed in a Dead Presidents look inspired by Ghostface Killah’s “Conditioning” music video. George powerfully delivers his bars as eye-catching visual effects kick in. We even see a ghost clone of George disappear into a cloud of smoke as he spits his bar dedicated to LL COOL J: “Gotta LL Cool down before I go poof!” We’re kept at the edge of our seats throughout the entire video. You’ll find yourself watching this hypnotic visual over and over again. 

When we asked George what inspired his concept for the visual, he shared an enriching story with us: “My initial idea for the song came from a poster I had hanging on my wall when I was a kid. It was a drawing of all the best rappers combined together. GHOST is my musical interpretation of that poster. As they say, art inspires art! I see the song as my love letter to Hip-Hop, and see the music video as my childhood poster coming to life,” shares George. 

George’s single “GHOST,” hosted by Busta Rhymes and produced by Drey Skonie, is now available for streaming on all digital platforms. The SUPEROFFICIAL produced music video can also be viewed on YouTube.

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