Hip-Hop/Rap Artist Rollex D. Latest Release “Barz for Days” Is Easily Becoming a Phenomenal Hit

Since it started becoming popular, Rap and Hip-Hop has successfully managed to narrate the ongoing social condition to the general public. Over the past three decades, they have considerably reached to every sphere of the world and every section of society. Initially, it began as a movement to showcase the socio-political condition of the weak and oppressed people but now it deals with many different realms of day-to-day life. In today’s context, there are a great number of rappers who are doing a fantastic job with their stupendous music and ethnic beat-boxing style. Rollex D. is one such upcoming artist who has already managed to create a fandom with all the impressive and ravishing efforts he puts to his songs.

Rollex D.’s songs come with clear vocals that go well with the modern hip-hop and his uniqueness in creating contextual lyrics makes him distinctive from his contemporaries. He takes inspiration from the famous American rapper Jay Z. The penchant of creating good music makes this energetic rapper giving birth to some innovative songs which set a new trend in the world of traditional rap-making. All of his songs are unique in their own way. Though this upcoming star doesn’t have a production house of his own still the way he is advancing with his career it will be better to speculate he will have one such platform very soon. Currently, he is working on getting his upcoming tracks promoted so that he can build a fanbase. Rollex D. is much active on social media for his music promotions, follow him on Instagram to know more about his musical endeavor.

Listen to his all latest tracks on Youtube, please visit here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChZfIuRDM2HiTYu0cm1v7iQ


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