Indie Chart Topper Chris St. John Releases New Album ‘Fly Away’, Available Worldwide 

[Nashville, Tennessee, March 3, 2022] Indie music chart topper Chris St John released his highly-anticipated new album Fly Away last week February 25. The full album is now available for download and streaming worldwide on all major music platforms including Spotify and Apple Music. The full album can also be purchased for $12.99 on Chris St. John’s official website.

Similar to his debut album I’m Dreaming which was revered for resurrecting the lost spirit of Americana with its eclectic range of folky songs, the critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter’s newly released album Fly Away once again enthralls listeners with its alluring vulnerability, thought-provoking narratives and soul-touching musical accompaniments.

Recorded at Omnisound Studios in Nashville, Tennessee alongside some of the city’s most renowned session musicians and Stephen Wrench— a legendary producer known for collaborating with some of the industry’s most influential artists ranging from Lynyrd Skynyrd and Tom Petty to Toto, Rick Springfield and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus just to name a few— Fly Away is a captivating musical abridgement of Chris St John’s reflections on life, family and love.

The album’s unfiltered and metrical lyrics incites a raw empathy in listeners, while its catchy musical arrangements characterized by undulating baselines, energy-filled percussion and melodic strings, will have listeners humming along without a second thought. 

Fly Away features 13 singles and 2 bonus tracks, including a reprise of the funky chart-buster ‘Hey Siri’, a whistle-infused airy groove reminiscent of Paul Simon’s ‘Graceland’. The title track- a heartfelt and poignant testimony of the powerful and unconditional bond between Chris St John and his son- debuted in a music video on February 18th, amassing over 150,000 Youtube views. 

“I sent [my son] the demo of it and I got a text back saying “dad I love you so much and I’m really lucky to have a dad that would write a song about me”, and so that was really something I was so happy about’, said Chris St John of his son’s reaction to the song.

The other songs on the album are odes to musical genres that shape St John’s artistic style. The nostalgia inducing ‘Me and You’ is a wonderful assortment of latin-tinged fingerpicking guitar riffs and soft yet commanding vocals. The final track in the main album is ‘I Just Knew’, a passion conjuring song about romantic love featuring a sweet duet and an enchanting harmony of strings and acoustic guitar.

The trajectory of Chris St John’s musical career was somewhat unusual. Although St John’s love for music started developing from a young age, St John pursued a career in law. In addition to practicing law, he worked for the US State Department, served as a trade delegate to a trade mission to China and more recently co-founded HALO Missions , a nonprofit which provides medical and educational assistance to orphaned children in developing countries. 

During the pandemic, St John took a leap of faith that led him to leave his unfulfilling office career as a lawyer and seek out the fresh air and freedom of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This pivotal experience was the inspiration behind Fly Aways ‘I Need a Horse’— a perfectly crafted pop-country tune, kick-started by the playful sound of horses neighing, sung with a suave country twang and topped off with foot-tapping blues style piano.

Chris St John does not view his musical pursuits as work, a trait that makes him uniquely immune to the pressure of conforming to the trends of the day. “I’ve always written songs for me- and my songs are genuine. I didn’t write to make money; I wrote to express myself and for the sheer joy of it.” explained Chris St John in an interview. 

St John’s multifaceted palette of musical influences and self-assured refusal to confine himself to a single musical genre has piqued the intrigue of listeners, catapulting four of his singles to top of  World Indie Music Charts and the Euro Indie Music Network Charts. St John’s most popular song, ‘Hey Siri’ was an instant success— soaring to number one on both charts in only 3 weeks and remaining at the top for 5 consecutive weeks. 

Represented by industry expert and fellow musician Misty Blanco through The Misty TV Firm Corporation, one of the most influential marketing companies of our era and poised for several more iconic musical collaborations— Fly Away is just the beginning of many more musical triumphs to be had by Chris St John. 

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