Industrial Noise Core Artist Lincoln Torreyson Aka Skag Just Released His Third Diy Album

Industrial noise core artist Lincoln Torreyson aka Skag just released his third DIY album Non-Binary Disengagement back in March 2021 this year! Torreyson claims to have two more albums worth of material ready for release that he’s just sitting on. “I plan on releasing something early 2022” Torreyson said. “Something raw…something real” Influenced by groups like Skinny Puppy and Throbbing Gristle,  Lincoln who also goes by Link has made this noise his life’s ambition through and through. “It’s all I really care about in all honesty… I make industrial music for industrial people and that’s what I do”. Skag recently struck a deal with Beige and left the label shortly due to a dispute over royalties and what Torreyson claims was mediocre distribution. “They fucked me just like they fuck every other artist everyday”
The mastermind behind Skag is also a fierce designer in the fashion world “I design all my clothes I rock in my shoots and everything has a price” 

Original collaborator R.E.B. has well left the scene and according to our sources the two don’t even speak anymore! “That guy taught me how to do what I do by not doing a damn thing and I’ll leave it at that… If you don’t approve fuck you!” Originally a two piece and then a three piece, Skag split leaving Torreyson to carry the torch alone and later reformed as a two piece once again with long friend E as a DJ. “E got locked up again and now he’s out and talks are on for new works for sure! That guy was there for me after my overdose and we go way back… I know alot of people gotta lot of opinions but who cares…at the end of the day I get fucked up and make killer shit and it’s dope and it’s what we do!”
You can contact Skag directly through a call or a text by using number 1-434-532-6832 or through email
You can also listen and follow on Instagram!


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