Its64Boy of Stackin Up Ent. and Big B Carter of Megatron Muzik Group presents hot new record SUM DIFFERENT Featuring Rick Ross & PTL Dom

Its64Boy connected with Big B Carter, owner of Megatron Muzik Group and landed a dope placement with Rick Ross. Not Only Its64boy was able to produce the record, he was also given the opportunity to drop a verse on the record as well which was a great surprise for its64boy. Its64boy also presented an opportunity to PTL Dom and Ptl Dom took on the opportunity and added his magic to the awesome body of work that was well put together. This is a great way to jump right into quarter 1 with a hit for the listeners. Its64boy immediately came up with a hook after he produced the record. The production took its64boy about an hour to complete the beat on FL Studio.

Its64boy, Gold Producer of Stackin Up Ent presented record to Big B Carter of Megatron Muzik Group and Big B immediately rocked with the hook. The name of the record that everyone agreed to was, “Sum Different.” We came up with the song title because everything that we do is something different. Its64boy had a 4 bar count on the record originally and, Big B mentioned that the hook was so catchy, we needed to drag the hook out for another 4 bars to stick and that’s what we decided to do. PTL Dom, artist who have been trending up the ranks with JT of Great Material Records was able to get in the booth and kill his part after Rick Ross and Its64boy recorded their parts to the record and the rest was history. “Sum Different,” is expected to release this Friday, January 7th, 2022 on all digital platforms. Stay tuned for all of the things that everyone will be dropping stepping into the new year.


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