Meet the team behind KouncilKidz, creating music in a bid to raise awareness for mental health.

The release of the new single ‘Fade Away’ has marked the beginning of a musical transition for the UK-based group better known as ‘KouncilKidz’.

32-year old, UK-born Rebecca Mcallister and 24-year old Paige Leanne Kilvington set up the global phenomenon that saw social media users across the world take selfies doing the hand symbol which is sign language for ‘love’, along with the hashtag #WeGoAgain.

Opportunity knocks for the Northern powerhouses via their very own Mental Health Foundation, 4Mindz. With the backing of some of the UK’s most iconic music producers, the glamorous duo have stepped into the realm of music, recreating the sounds of the 80s and 90s.

There’s no doubt that with the likes of Hacienda closing down, that era of Manchester music was soon to be forgotten… or was it? With the support from Rebecca’s now 1.5 million following, it seems like we are about to relive a nostalgic generation.

After publicly announcing a suicide attempt, Rebecca, famously known for her career as a playboy model, spoke out about her struggles with mental health and living with ADHD via Instagram. She told us all, “your brain ends up like spaghetti, you get tired, but you have to keep going, just turn up the volume and dance.”

A member from the foundation’s head office spoke to us briefly to say “the girls have worked very hard to get to this point and so far we have recorded over 60 people coming forward to state they have sought help after coming across the foundation online. This next stage for us is all very exciting and we’re very proud of what the girls continue to achieve, our team is also expanding daily which is incredible.”

Speaking to Rebecca directly, “the objective is to get everyone dancing and feeling good about themselves. After all, when a good song comes on, it automatically changes your mood to a positive one and every feeling of doubt and sadness just fades away.”

Paige Leanne followed this on by saying, “there’s just something about music isn’t there? It doesn’t matter what mood you’re in… it always helps, it always heals you. Our aim is to just create music that makes you feel good and the response we have had so far is insane.”

In November 2021, event ticket holders visited the infamous “St George’s Hall” in Liverpool for the 4Mindz Foundation launch night, which was a night of inspiration and music from local artists to raise £2500 towards those who suffer.

We love the campaign because it’s a reminder that even through your darkest hours, you are not alone in dealing with mental health problems. Even though it may not seem like it, there are so many people who are or have been feeling the same way. Reach out. Talking is the purest form of medicine.

If you’re suffering from mental health issues, contact 4Mindz Foundation, Mind or Rethink for more information and support.


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