Mingo The Poet Releases Music Video for “I Be On It”

You know Kanye West and you’ve memorized every song Jay-Z has released. You’ve heard of Chance the Rapper and you listen to Travis Scott on a daily basis. Well, it’s time for you to move those musical geniuses to the side and make way for a new rap superstar to take over your most used streaming platform. The world of rap and R&B is welcoming its latest newcomer to the stage, it’s time to give it up for Mingo The Poet! 

Mingo The Poet, his name paying homage to his lyrics that riddle with genuineness and validity, is just that, a true and utter poet. Through the words that he lays down on his tracks to his innovative and entirely original beats that make people naturally gravitate towards his music, Mingo is quickly making a name for himself in the music industry as one of the most talented and skillful rappers in the game. 

Born and raised in Marion, Indiana, Mingo The Poet has recently taken flight from his hometown and spread his wings to find his voice in the rap world. Looking to create sincerely deep and meaningful connections with his fans, fellow rap fanatics, and other musicians in the field, Mingo is ready to release his unique rap creations for the world to enjoy. One of his latest releases that he labels as the one song he is most proud of and excited for new fans to listen to would be “I Be On It”. This hip hop banger features lines that truly show off Mingo The Poet’s magnetic and compelling personality, making it known that this proper and genuine talent is here to stay and won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon. 

With the music video for the single dropping in early September, fans have already openly expressed their love and admiration for the song, music video, and artist as a whole. One fan left a comment stating “The beat, style, and flow is insane!”. Another wrote “This is real stuff, keep up the great work!”. The music video features Mingo, showing off his freestyling talents with a flare of his own unique personality shining through the entirety of the video. If it’s one thing that this rapper has, it’s his very own exclusive and truly individualistic sense of style, showing his fans and other rap lovers that he will have no trouble making a place for himself amongst the stars that are currently topping the rap charts. 

With a flowing beat that will make anyone want to roll down their car windows and play this hit on full blast, “I Be On It” is the kind of song that any rapper who is just starting out would want within their musical repertoire. This hit, along with the music video that perfectly matches the tone and personality of this song in and of itself, only further highlight’s Mingo The Poet’s talent, showing fans that this surely won’t be the last time they will hear or see from this up and coming rap star. 


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