MTV UPNEXT: Is DezzyBee the next big star out of St. Louis? WE SAY YES!

Hailing from the river city, DezzyBee is a 24-year-old rapper that is serving flavor by the bucket with his unique lingo and catchy delivery. When I first heard DezzyBee’s music it was the track “Perfect Slide” that perked my ears up. His voice isn’t big but it doesn’t need to be; his delivery assures that you will hear every word. I was pleasantly surprised to hear a midwestern rapper actually rap ON BEAT. His speedy, punchline-heavy flow takes clear inspiration from 2007 era Wayne. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it fits the style and esthetic of Dezzy very well.

His latest Hit single “F*KK dude” released to great reaction from the industry and fans alike with the official video on YouTube doing over 10k streams in 1 month alone! This buzz has opened Dezzy up to markets in other states like Atlanta; where he just recently finished up an amazing three night tour rocking such legendary musical spots like Pregame Atl and more. If you want to check out some of his top hits you should give his video “No Fakin” a watch; it currently sits comfortably at 20k views on YouTube. If you are a fan of rappers like Polo G, Vic mensa, or 07 era lil Wayne then Dezzy Bee is the artist for you. Keep an eye on Him because soon you just might be seeing HIS name up at the GRAMMYS!

Authored by: Dashaun “448 Suge” Lipscomb

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