Naomi Suzuki Focuses On Charity Work After Her Successful Single Launch

Sensational Japanese pop singer and songwriter Naomi Suzuki, who is also based in the UK, has released a brand new pop [j-pop] single which she titles “I Don’t Wanna Let You Go.” The song features a beautiful blend of not just diverse musical nuances but also an artistic intertwining of unique cultural elements.

After the release,” Naomi took another major leap by hosting a charity streaming show on September 26th and October 3rd, to support children. Most notable is her collaboration with the award-winning acapella group known as “The Continues” during the charity concert. “The Continues” which once won the acapella championship in a famous Japanese TV rendered a breathtaking collaborative performance with Naomi Suzuki. There are also great collaborations with Hideki Serizawa, Takefumi Asano, Igari, Momo, and Suite Voice.

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Naomi’s charity project, which is known as the “Save The Kids Project,” is highly acclaimed and has received cross-generational support from people of all ages. The just-concluded virtual show has garnered over twenty thousand views on YouTube alone. The charity project and the recently concluded show, which features a collaboration with young musicians and also some very intense, passionate, and energetic musical renditions from Naomi, is a must-see.

About “Save The Kids Project”

The “Save The Kids Project” is an online fundraiser that supports charities for children. All profits from the charity will be donated to what is known as “Children’s Dining Room,” which combats child hunger, and “Your Action,” which facilitates sports and leisure activities for children. The event takes place in three parts which are: a conversation with special guests, a musical performance of nostalgic J-pop with a Japanese leading pianist MAKOTO AOYAGI, and a magic show. The official language for the event is Japanese. The panel discussion features several Japanese professionals, among which are TORU YAMAMOTO a Japan’s leading film director, SEIICHIRO MAKI a former member of the Japanese national football team, MASATO KIMURA an international journalist and a theatre producer. They also answered questions from children.

In 2011, when Japan experienced the tsunami disaster, Naomi was very ill. But after hearing about the horrific experiences of the tsunami victims, she miraculously could overcome her condition. She resumed activities with renewed vigor. Always making sure to use her music for the service of others, Naomi quickly released a double A-side charity single, whose proceeds went to the disaster area, and also wrote the song “Home” together with disaster victims so that their feelings could be heard by the world.

Naomi went on to perform for charity at the Sendai Street Jazz Festival and Totteoki music festival, both of which attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each. Naomi also organized charity gigs alongside fellow performers and backing musicians from Japan. She is particularly concerned about the welfare of the scores of orphans and disadvantaged children left behind by the disaster and works with many NPOs.

In 2016, Naomi organized and performed at the 5th Japan Earthquake Memorial Concert held at the Islington Assembly Hall, London, and personally handed over all the donations to affected areas in Japan. Following this, Naomi toured Japan and donated all profits from ticket sales to the cause. This event was covered in all major newspapers in Japan and was also reported on NHK TV. Naomi is a perfect example of an artist who uses her art for the service of humanity. Follow Naomi on social media to keep up with her music and charity works.

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