Nashville Recording Artist, Terah Lynn: More Than A Singer

Nashville recording artist and Appalachian native, Terah Lynn, is mainly known for her gritty voice and surprising career in construction and woodworking. However for the past two years, she’s quietly added another unexpected title to her resume: magazine owner. 

You read that right. The self-proclaimed “mountain woman” who can frequently be found in sleeveless t-shirts, covered in sawdust, or building electric guitars as the first ever female supervisor of Gibson’s lumber mill, also owns her own music magazine.

Bridge Music Magazine was established as a digital, music publication by the singer in 2020 to help fund her music career and to create a space of encouragement and exposure for artists from “any genre, gender or walk of life.”

Within the first few months, the magazine had already featured Grammy-winners, international superstars and up-and-coming artists, alike. Lynn continued to grow BMM throughout the first year in addition to growing her own music career which was also in addition to her day job. Recently, she extended the publication into the podcast realm, with the debut episode featuring American Idol alum, Joey Cook.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Terah seems to be the embodiment of the popular hashtag #girlboss. She left her home in the Appalachian Mountains at 21 years old with nothing but “a guitar, a backpack and a broken heart,” as she says. She first travelled to Nashville where she stayed in a motel applying for jobs and planning her next move. Before starting work as a vacuum salesman in Music City, Lynn found herself back on the road, headed to another place she had never been; Texas. For the next decade she would travel around the state and the south, working in a landfill, as a roofer, a sheetrocker, and even digging ditches, to name just a few. You would be hard pressed to find many females in the music industry so willing to get their hands dirty.

As full circle fate would have it, after being offered the position at Gibson, this year Lynn found herself back in Nashville where she started her journey all those years ago. Music City has now fittingly become the headquarters for Bridge Music Magazine and we can’t think of a better place for it to be.

It is that admirable perseverance that continues to pay off today as the magazine was recently offered a strategic partnership with Universal Music Group, the world’s second-largest record label. Lynn and her team attend press conferences, have one-on-one interviews, and get access to live concerts of Universal’s artists to get behind-the-scenes insight into the artists themselves and their projects. She also partners with PR firms around the globe, helping to promote rising talent. 

When we asked Terah about the increasing success and growth of the magazine, she said with a laugh, “Well…that escalated quickly.” A quote from Will Ferrell’s “Anchorman.”

“All jokes aside,” she said, “I am so humbled and grateful that the magazine is growing. It’s a lot of fun. To have started something on my couch and have it end up here is beyond incredible. And I can assure you, it is beyond what I could do in my own power. I am blessed.”

Check out for the latest in music news, artist interviews and follow Terah Lynn on social media @terahlynnofficial for announcements on upcoming new music.


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