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Richard “Rich Prince” Daniel is one of the hottest upcoming Independent Artist out of South Florida (SFL) hip hop/trap soul scene destined to be Miami’s next mega star! Rich Prince is a true Miami native where his musical talents were groomed from his early years in the church as a drummer and a member of the choir. As a true creative soul, he continued to develop his creative skill into his young adult years as a member a local Miami street step team called the Trendsetters (Later called Guilty Pleasures). As a multi-talented creator, Rich Prince spends his days navigating the SFL entertainment scene as a rapper, singer, songwriter, harmonizer, influencer, producer, creative director, and the CEO/Founder of Visionary Music Creators (VMC).

Rich Prince’s sound represents the melting pot of cultures of South Florida where you will find a fusion of hip-hop, rap, trap, soul, Afro-Caribbean and Latin music all around. Melodic and truthful, Rich Prince paints a path to the listeners’ escape. He describes his sound as “Feel-good, urban music” with all the trappings of R&B, Trap Soul, and most importantly- Hip Hop. Rich Prince says: “Music is me, I am Hip Hop” to describe his deep passion for the genres that gave roots to his artistry. Rich Prince excelled in school as a creator and sportsman. Even though he was involved in music from a young age, Rich Prince was led to further explore his artistry back in 2008 when he realized that sports wasn’t going to be the ticket to his dreams. He reevaluated his passion for music and here we are today. Since then, Rich Prince has been focused on music and entertainment. According to him, it’s a passion that draws him back time and again. To him, music is therapeutic. He fights his own demons like everyone and he uses music to release and find a balance.


As an artist, Rich Prince aims to connect with his audience by making music that he believes can help people feel like everything is going to be okay. He aims to make his listeners realize they’re not alone in their struggles no matter how painful. His personal goal is to use his music to bring real enjoyment and light to his fans. Some of his ultimate goals include connecting with his fans worldwide in live performances, winning many coveted awards such as a Grammy, and being in the top 100 on music charts like the Billboards, Y-100 just to name a few.

As a philanthropic entrepreneur, Rich Prince aims to build and increase opportunities for artists who are struggling in ways he has struggled. For Rich Prince, starting VMC is all about giving creators a platform and a support system so they don’t have to go through what he went through. He is also currently drafting plans to start a school for performing arts with real artist development and extensive youth outreach programs. Rich Prince continues to develop, create, and release music for himself as well as the other artists as the founder of VMC. Aside from music, Rich plans to dive deeper into other facets of entertainment. He has actively directed his music videos because of the vision he strives to bring to life. Rich Prince is also interested in acting because he loves to perform and bring joy to the people around him. Some of his additional skills include music engineering and producing. For Rich Prince, the possibilities are endless.

Released Album

WHO AM I – Released November 2020

Upcoming Album

Harder 2 Love – November 2021


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