Rising R&B Pop artist Dounia Diamond releases debut single “Playing Around”

Emerging R&B Pop singer/songwriter Dounia Diamond has released her debut single titled “Playing around.” The up-and-coming singer ushered in the R&B Pop track to fans with an impressive music video that perfectly captures the singer’s unique personality and melancholic appeal. “It was my desire to release my first music video on the day of my birthday”, the singer added.

Dounia who draws her inspiration from R&B legends such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, as well as soul and jazz music, developed a deep connection with music from a young age. 

The artist spent most of her teenage years building her confidence for live performances by entering various talent competitions. Finally deciding in 2019 that it was time to begin writing songs of her own, Dounia chose to focus her lyrics on the challenges of life, love and narrating the diverse perspectives on life shared by different people.

According to Dounia, the song “Playing around,” is a female-focused track, inspired by all the women she has had the privilege of knowing. 

It tells the story of a woman who wants to be serious in a relationship but can’t tolerate her partner’s hesitation and indifference towards her request. The music video shows the beautiful Dounia refusing to deny her desires, opting to finally end the affair after repeatedly appealing to her partner to quit playing around.

The track perfectly fuses Dounia’s rich and soulful voice with beautiful retro Pop style chords, encouraging women to let go of unserious partners in a manner that certainly would be enjoyed by all R&B music lovers.

Playing around is currently available for streaming on Spotify, while viewers can thrill themselves to the visual aesthetics of Dounia’s musical genius by watching the video on YouTube.


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