Shawn Lemelle Takes World By Storm

Rising hip-hop artist Shawn Lemelle is coming out of the gates blasting his brand new single, “Fade Away Love”, a smooth and suave number that’s enticing as it is catchy. It’s a showcase of the new recording artist’s talent, a sign of things to come for him.

“Fade Away Love” features an upbeat tempo, playing around with a bevy of creative synths that display the sheer versatility and skill of Shawn Lemelle. Layered and lush production is the name of the game here, and it’s incredibly solid stuff that’s sure to catch the attention of many people.

Melodies and beats that stick in your brain are the key here, and the single’s got them in spades. From the very first opening moment, it blasts the listener with hook after hook, gripping the listener and not letting go as the song continues to build up. For a debut single, it’s an incredibly strong showing.

That’s not to say that sweet production values is all the “Fade Away Love” has to offer however. Shawn Lemelle also shows off some serious performance chops on the single, with his smooth delivery being a highlight of the song. It’s not easy to craft your own style, but Shawn pulls it off effortlessly here.

Shawn’s delivery here pays homage to the greats like Tupac, as well as modern artists like Drake, but still maintains a unique aspect that’s distinctly his. He expresses his lines crisply and clearly, with emotional gravitas that’s tough to match. Creating your own niche is fundamental in the hip-hop game, and there’s no question that Shawn has done that without any issues.

Despite how upbeat and catchy it is, “Fade Away Love” is a surprisingly demure and sad song. It’s all about how it feels to fall in love, only to have them fall out of it and slowly start to fade away from you. It discusses the feelings one can go through during tough times like these, as well as providing a unique perspective to how our singer handles it.

The bars here are well written, describing every excruciating detail with accurately without sacrificing artistic integrity. It’s all quite impressive stuff, and it works doubly well thanks to Shawn Lemelle’s excellent performance. He injects just the right amount of emotion to make things work without overbearing the listener out of the song’s fun vibe.

“Fade Away Love” is an excellent piece, one that truly shows off the talents of Shawn Lemelle. It’s available on Spotify and Apple Music, and there’s also a sensual music video for the single on Youtube, so we highly recommend you hop on this train as Shawn speeds his career into its inevitable highs.

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