Stephen P. Lindsay, A Prominent Lawyer in North Carolina, Leads The Defense Team of MTV’s Award-Winning Director.

Director, producer, and businessman Tarik Freitekh has earned numerous MTV awards and signed countless artists to his record label, World Music Records.
Bringing together musicians, sounds, and cultures from around the globe, Freitekh creates genre-defying music and visuals based on collaborations and cross-cultural conversations.
Freitekh also supports many non profit organizations. He loves advocating for peace since he joined The Seeds Of Peace organization at age 14.
Freitekh describes World music not as a label, but more as a movement created to inspire and connect the world through music. The idea for founding World Music in 2010 came from a common belief that music has the power to break down boundaries and overcome distances between people.

Prominent NC lawyer Stephen P. Lindsat is joining The Freitekh’s legal team for their upcoming trial in The Western District of North Carolina

Rob Heroy and Michael Greene, as well as Stephan Lindsay, represent the Freitekh family regarding the PPP loan they never took out. Freitekh and his father have both been successful in their businesses, and both are eligible for large loans.
Those in the community are shocked that Assistant U.S Attorney Jenny Grus Sugar would select and target this law abiding, hardworking, innocent family and ignore the hundreds of pending cases in the western district.
Izzat lived in Jerusalem with his wife, 7 daughters, and only son Tarik, until deciding to move to Charlotte, NC, in 2006.
Izzat decided to start the Freitekh Foundation in Jerusalem where he built many schools and hospitals. He also granted the Red Cross, UNRWA, and United Nations offices the use of his building in Jerusalem where he paid off their rent for years.
His notable contributions to other schools are Collage Des Freres – the Christian Catholic school in Jerusalem, as well as Rosary Catholic School, which his daughters attended in Jerusalem until the family moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. His late father is credited with leaving behind some of Jerusalem’s most important landmarks, including many restaurants, theaters, hospitals, office buildings, and event halls.


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