Systovis, an Artist Whose Music Can Change the World

Systovis is not only versatile as an artist, but the message in his music serves the purpose of enlightening the world for the better.

Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, Jacob Osseck is the one of a kind artist that goes under the moniker, Systovis aka Stovey. Influenced by distinctive artists like Yelawolf and Rittz, he has developed his craft to a level of audible perfection that makes quality music over any genre he touches. Whether edgy rhyme schemes, interstellar bars, varying flows, or R&B smoothness, Systovis has the versatility to captivate over an endless possibility of styles. This diversified sound isn’t without emotional depth and harmonization that echoes the sincerity of the underground freshman whose witty bars can do anything from paint stories to offer chill vibes.

Systovis’ ethereal sound does more than entertain. It channels his vision for equality across all races, backgrounds, and status, advocating for acceptance of all without bias of anyone’s beliefs. His music embodies the meaning of life, using his experiences to help others enduring adversity and inspire positivity through free-will, manifestation, individuality, and diligence. 

Having attained milestones like musically collaborating with Stevie Stone and featuring on his Release Radar on Spotify, Systovis has released his latest apocalyptic album, “Armageddon.” The project reflects his view of the world and separates him from the norm of every other artist, while introducing fans to his life, personality, character, and soul. The album is an open audio book of lyrical craftsmanship and melodic ballads with hard hitting atmospheric cadence. “Armageddon” is like a story told through music, each track building on the last, culminating to a work of art in its entirety.

Follow Systovis and stream his latest album, “Armageddon” and you’ll realize why you should become a sure fan.




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