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Spotify and other streaming providers are becoming the prominent source of music entertainment for the world. Other sources, such as vinyl and cassettes, are more of a novelty than anything else. For professional musicians, this presents quite a large problem because instead of doing business with people who distribute their music, they now must deal with multinational corporations. Trying to get an executive on the phone at one of these corporations is like trying to get blood from a stone—it just isn’t going to happen. So, if you’re a promotional manager, and trying to get Spotify playlist promotion, radio promotion, or YouTube promotion for a music group you represent, what do you do? is your answer. specializes in promoting music on streaming platforms, such as Spotify and YouTube, across the world to give your music global exposure. They also specialize in radio promotion and working with DJs and radio stations around the world.

Andi and Tobias, from the German team, answer some of our questions:

How can you help amateur musicians compete in the market with Spotify and the other providers?

The competition in the music entertainment industry is fierce, to say the least. With that said, we would be doing them a disservice by being anything other than 100% honest about their music. We turn down anywhere from 300 to 900 songs every month from the roughly 1000 to 3000 requests that we receive. Of course, they need a quality song for successful Spotify playlist promotion, but they also need the infrastructure behind it in order to get the song on the playlists in the first place. That’s where shines. We provide that infrastructure.

What does do that an amateur musician can’t do themselves?

The most important thing we have, that an amateur musician doesn’t have, is access to more than 30 million potential listeners through more than 1000 professionally curated music playlists. Aside from that, we bring more than four decades of music production and marketing experience to the table. We have a network of more than 40,000 radio stations for our radio airplay promotion clients; and, access to several hundred influential YouTubers for our YouTube music video promotion clients. We have extensive production, marketing, and engineering experience and capability in the music entertainment industry.

What are some of’s finest accomplishments?

We promoted the South Korean K-Pop band BTS, who debuted in 2013 and became one of the most famous K-Pop bands ever. Their Spotify fan base is more than 15 million people worldwide. Is your band the next BTS? You never know. There is no reason why it couldn’t be. We love what we do here, and the results prove it.

French Montana, the Hip Hop star from the United States, is another client of ours. Switzerland’s own DJ Bobo was fantastic to work with, as was Germany’s Farid Bang and Jamaica’s Mr. Vegas. Some of our client’s songs, which made the Billboard charts and YouTube’s trending list, were featured at the Grammy Awards ceremony.

We work with amateur and professional musicians. No band is too unknown or too popular for us to promote. However, there are tons of scammers in this industry on both sides of the fence, so we deal with them on a daily basis as well. Our promotion is not computerized automation. We offer organic Spotify, YouTube, and radio promotion.

Tobias & Andi from

After a musician buys your promotional service, what criteria do you use to select the songs you’ll promote?

The first thing we do is listen to the song. Then, we assign it to a genre and a curator who specializes in that genre. There are many factors that can make or break a hit song, but initially we are looking for quality mixing and clean mastering.

How is your Spotify playlist promotion, or YouTube music video promotion methods any different from the traditional method of promoting music?

The biggest difference you get with our company is REAL people, and not artificial intelligence. We spend no less than five hours on every song we choose in putting together a campaign. We don’t automate anything. So many people would love to think you can just press a button, sit back, and get rich while a computer does all the work. We know that the science just isn’t there yet for that, and probably won’t be for a long time. Until then, you need hard-working people like us to work the phones, answer emails, and whatever else it takes to satisfy the client.

Who are the people behind

Our company is made up of seven people from four countries. Andi and Tobias from Germany, Carol and Katia from Brazil, Steve and Lavine from the UK, and Alejandra from the Dominican Republic.

What is your overall opinion about streaming providers like Spotify and YouTube, and the effect they have had on music promotion in general?

YouTube, Spotify music promotion, and radio promotion are exciting opportunities for all musicians because the technology available today allows us to slice demographics and only target specific audiences. So, the amount of wasted advertising is kept to a bare minimum. Our largest promo package is the best in the business for a newcomer to the industry. They can reach an audience, and build a fan base simultaneously. Streaming providers like Spotify represent the future of music promotion, and we are excited to be a part of it.



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