The Pennsylvanian Sensation” Is Dropping His Final Piece To His Trap Baby Series Called “Trap Baby 3”

Here at MTV Music News we only post the Best and Hottest Upcoming Artist from all over. We have been following this artist since his appearance in the New York Daily Times this past summer. We are excited to be the first press to speak on his new project entitled “Trap Baby 3”. His melodic sound and smooth energy creates some of the finest tunes to hit the East Coast. With currently over 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone he has been making his way in the industry without being signed to a major label.

His single “Cowabunga” has caught national attention on Spotify but it is released on other platforms as well. Luciano is from The Common Wealth state Pennsylvania and is determined to put PA on his back just like Wiz Khalifa, and the late Mac Miller (rest in peace). He is expecting nothing but good energy from this tape and we here at MTV music news wish him the best! You can follow his social media @realbuttaluciano on Instagram and @pyfbutta on Twitter. Trap Baby 3 October 29th don’t miss this wave.


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