Recently dropped is Young Boy NBA new album “Colors.” Debuting at number two, on the US Billboard 200 chart its first week! Becoming NBA’s eighth, top ten album. Amassing 30 million plus views on YouTube. Showcasing the volatility of his life and a range of emotions that have built Young Boy NBA robust fanbase. The rapper stoic lyrics hint romanticism, lust, and love. On songs like “Expensive taste,” “DC Marvel,” and “2Hoo.” – A sexy drill – Then alternating to diss tracks like “Know Like I Know” allegedly aimed at fellow rapper NLE Choppa. Then “Bring the Hook,” where NBA raps “N-gga, this that Squid Game, O’Block pack get rolled up/Murder what they told us, Atlanta boy get fold up,” aiming at the late King Von, Lil Durk, also O’ Block. Solidifying that nothing is of limits. Ending the album off with emo tracks that stage the rappers true versatility. A project packed with so much energy, it needed to find release. NBA’s team did just that by requesting a pair of custom sneakers. In walks Ravishin celebrity custom fashion designer.

Having already worked with Baton Rogue own on previous projects. Once Rav got word of NBA’s upcoming project, creativity sparked and the work initiated. In an interview with Minni Cici Ravishin stated, “I knew he needed custom sneakers, I wanted something that reflected him, that he would love. In this project I used air force ones, they’re YoungBoy’s favorite sneakers. The accomplishments and turbulence from his life inspired me to think outside the box. I wanted to use different colors to showcase different emotions throughout the ep.”
The colors implemented in the design used by Ravishin and his partner jiggawhatjiggawho, stunningly convey the overall theme and mood of this album. The custom pair of air force ones are worn by Youngboy NBA, in his trending single “I got the bag”. Quickly beomig the artist favorite. Stay tuned, for more of Ravishin designs check out @Ravishin_Swiss.

Written by: Christina Caceres @Minnicici


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