Zay P.O.M.C & Misty Blanco The Blaquanese Rockstar will be performing at Rick Ross 1st Annual Car Show

Zay POMC is swiftly becoming Richmond Virginia’s new voice and sound. Zay used to watch films on the Box, a local station in his hometown of Richmond, Virginia, when he was 9 or 10. He used to attempt to emulate what he saw on television. From learning dancing moves to knowing lyrics. Zay became thoroughly engrossed in the culture, prompting him to experiment with freestyle and writing. He used to stand in front of the mirror and rehearse all the different types of raps until he composed a great rap that people liked, which gave him the urge to keep going and it remained with him. Since then, music and artists have been drawn to his life.

When questioned about his accomplishments, Zay believes that the best is yet to come, but that life has been kind to him thus far. He would say putting himself in a position to care for his children the way he wants to, but as far as music goes, he would say coming to L.A and getting to see and meet a lot of legends in the game like Nick Cannon, T.I and others. It had always been his goal to travel to the West, and for the first time, being and working with legends as an artist gave him a spark.

Zay released a new crunk banger called “We Ready” with Pastor Troy, the ATL icon, as well as a project called “Time 2 Be Great,” which also features on that single with Troy. He recently released a new hit named “We Up,” which has gotten folks and fans out of their seats.

Zay is here to stay, and he’s just started to show the world what he’s capable of. He has begun to carve out a separate route for his career based on his sound, which will impact the music of others in the near future. With his thought-provoking lyrical masterpieces, he has quickly earned tremendous reputation in the global scene. His artistic ego has turned him into a sensation that is still very much grounded in reality. As a fresh and emerging artist, the public should expect something more challenging from this youthful mind. Something really unique.

Blanco, Misty The Blaquanese Rockstar has confirmed her appearance and will be performing on his stage at his house “The Promise Land.” Many are already anticipating what she will do “Music Box”, or “Interviews With A Goat,” but many are hoping she will perform her third song, “Swiss Cheese.”

Misty Blanco, The Theatrical Blaquanese Rockstar, a Grammy nominee whose music has frequently peaked on Billboard, performimg live at Rick Ross’ The Promised Land?

This is an event that the general public should not miss.

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